Course I've taught at Duke University

Introduction to Data Science

Intro to data science and statistical thinking. Learn to explore, visualize, and analyze data to understand natural phenomena, investigate patterns, model outcomes, and make predictions, and do so in a reproducible and shareable manner. Gain experience in data wrangling and munging, exploratory data analysis, predictive modeling, data visualization, and effectively communicating results. Work on problems and case studies inspired by and based on real-world questions and data. The course will focus on the R statistical computing language.

Regression Analysis

Learn approaches for analyzing multivariate data sets, emphasizing analysis of variance, linear regression, and logistic regression. Learn techniques for checking the appropriateness of proposed models, such as residual analyses and case influence diagnostics, and techniques for selecting models. Gain experience dealing with the challenges that arise in practice through assignments that utilize real-world data. This class emphasizes data analysis over mathematical theory.

Generalized Linear Models

In STA 310 students will be introduced to generalized linear models (GLMs), a broad modeling framework that includes linear and logistic models, among others. Students will learn the basic theory of GLMs and how they can used to model a variety of response variables with non-normal distributions. Students will also learn an extension of GLMs that can be applied to modeling data with correlated observations, such as data with repeated measures.