Selection of recent talks

Written by Maria Tacket


Three principles for modernizing an undergraduate regression analysis course

As data have become more prevalent in many fields, it is imperative that undergraduate students are equipped with the skills necessary for working with data in this modern environment. There has been significant innovation in introductory statistics and data science courses; however, there has not been as much focus on innovating subsequent courses. In this talk I will share innovations to an undergraduate regression analysis course, the second statistics course taken by many students from a variety of disciplines.

February 7, 2024

Royal Statistical Society Teaching Statistics Section / Online

By Maria Tackett in teaching

Effective communication as a learning objective in an intermediate statistics course

There has been significant innovation in introductory statistics and data science courses to equip students with the statistical, computing, and communication skills needed for modern data analysis. Innovating subsequent courses is also important, so students can continue developing these skills beyond the first course. In this session, we’ll present a modern approach to teaching undergraduate regression analysis, the second statistics course for many students. We’ll share strategies for using real-world data sets and examples, teaching modern computing skills, and incorporating non-technical skills such as writing and effective collaboration as part of the course.

January 10, 2024

Teaching and Evaluating Communication at Scale Workshop / Chicago, IL

By Maria Tackett in teaching


Using Quarto for Making and Organzing Teaching Materials

In addition to creating reproducible documents, Quarto offers a rich suite of options for creation slide decks, books, and websites, allowing instructors to create all of their teaching materials reproducibly. In this talk we will demo how we’ve been using Quarto to create and organize teaching materials, introduce resources and templates for getting started with Quarto for organizing your own teaching materials, and share best practices.

August 7, 2023

Joint Statistical Meeting / Toronto, CA

By Maria Tackett in teaching


Teaching intro data science

Talk for the 2022 Preparing to Teach Workshop about teaching introductory data science and how it differs from teaching traditional introductory statistics.

August 6, 2022

Preparing to Teach / Washington, DC

By Maria Tackett in teaching